woensdag 30 december 2009


It's almost New Years eve! I think all the dutch bloggers know what that means: lots of oliebollen and kniepertjes! I'm not even sure everybody knows kniepertjes, because it is a typical dutch tradition, but mainly in the North of the Netherlands.
The oliebollen and kniepertjes are really nice, you should all make them for New Years eve! So here is my family recipe :)


- 500 gr. patent flower
- 2 eggs
- 400 gr. white sugar
- 2 sacketts of vanillasugar
- 1 bottle of lemonaroma
- 250 gr. creambutter

melt the sugar in 3 dl water, add the eggs + vanillasugar + lemonaroma.
melt the butter en add it
add the flower
mix it all and wait for one hour.

Good luck with baking! (you do need a kniepertjesijzer..)

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